Designing the World through Entrepreneurship: A Panel of Women Entrepreneurs

Join us for a panel of accomplished women entrepreneurs as they discuss “Designing the World through Entrepreneurship: Women Entrepreneurs in Action.” The panel will be Thursday, October 27, 5:30-7:30pm in 32-155. Dinner will be served.



Our speakers include:

Marian Leitner, the Co-Founder & CEO of Archer Roose Wines. A serial entrepreneur, Marian loves building companies and partnerships. In her previous life, she worked for GAVI, the Vaccine Fund and the Global Partnership for Education at the World Bank before leaving that in search of a great glass of wine. She is a MassChallenge Finalist and a Babson Breakaway Challenge Finalist. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University and lives in Boston with her husband and their dog Flashman.

Kara Dyer, the Founder and President of Storytime Toys. Ever since she was little, Kara was fascinated with dollhouses, building and reading. Kara attended MIT where she studied mechanical engineering and became enamored with product design. After graduating, Kara worked for a start-up in the consumer electronics industry. The challenges she and the start-up faced trying to get a new product off the ground inspired Kara to return to MIT for an MBA from the Sloan School of Management where she focused on marketing and entrepreneurship. During grad school, Kara and a team of three classmates traveled to India to help women in a remote village start a sustainable energy company that could provide power to their village. To this day, the women are still going strong and have made great advances. In 2008, after several years working as a management consultant, Kara and her husband Bobby welcomed their daughter to the world. Eager for her daughter to have beautiful, well-made toys that allow her to actively play and inspire her to have fun and be creative, Kara soon founded Storytime Toys. Their son was born in 2013, the same year that Storytime’s first products were introduced! In addition to watching her children play, which inspires her on a daily basis, Kara enjoys practicing Tae Kwon Do, learning to play the fiddle and tending to family’s cat, Smokey.

Lisa Farrell, CEO and Founder of Red Apple Lunch, a company that delivers prepared school lunches to your home. Lisa has a B.S. in Biological Sciences from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Dr. Nataly Youssef is the President and Chief Analytics Officer at MyA Health, a personalized healthcare decision support application, as well as the Head of Healthcare Analytics at P2 Analytics. Her expertise lies in the area of prescriptive analytics, namely the use of robust optimization to manage risk and maximize outcomes. She participated in developing a MOOC -The Analytics Edge – and taught executive MBAs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Nataly received her Ph.D. in Operations Research and Analytics from MIT and her M.S. in Industrial Engineering and Risk Management from Texas A&M University.

The panel will be moderated by Dr. Caroline Daniels, a researcher of Future Trends and Entrepreneurial Strategy. She has worked on the development of global business and technology strategies for numerous startups and many larger corporations. She is currently conducting research on entrepreneurial strategy, the scalability of new ventures, and the coordination of executive decision-making in growing, global corporations.

Immediately following this event, we will be moving upstairs to the R&D Pub for a Student-Alumnae Mixer! See this post for a description and RSVP to that event! (Ages 21+ only in the pub, please).


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